The four teaching and event modules, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Greenwood and Robanimus create a holistic view of mankind‘s relationship to the universe of light. The modules can overlap and interact with each other in dynamic patterns to suit the context, and the client’s needs and desires. Four depictions of man executed by different artists express the intention of each module.


Michelangelo module

Light in art, architecture and design.
Keyword: beauty

The icon chosen depicts the beauty of David in proportion and the extraordinary talent of Michelangelo. This represents man’s striving for beauty and perfection.

Greenwood module

Light in cosmos & philosophy
Keyword: spirit

The icon chosen depicts the spiritual inner world of man and his or her relationship to the universe as painted by the German artist Grünewald.  This represents man‘s questioning and striving for serenity and exaltation.

Leonardo module

Light in science and technology
Keyword: truth

The icon chosen depicts mankind‘s ambitious quest for truth and knowledge as seen in the work of Da Vinci. This represents man‘s untiring hunger for enlightenment.

Robanimus module
Light in utopia
Keyword: play

The icon depicts the beauty and danger of our technological / cyber future and mankind‘s outstanding talent to evolve through play. Imagine the future to create tomorrow. This represents man‘s struggle to survive between utopia and dystopia, heaven and hell and the importance of playful thinking.